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What payment or beneficiary details do I need to be able to send funds?

Europe – IBAN and SWIFT 
Canada – account number, SWIFT and Transit code 
Australia – account number, SWIFT or BSB code 
New Zealand – account number, 6 digit bank code and SWIFT 
USA – account number, ABA routing number or SWIFT 
UK – account number and sort code or SWIFT and IBAN 
India – account number, SWIFT and IFSC number, reason for transfer 
China – account number, SWIFT 
Mexico – account number, (Clabe no). and SWIFT

How long do the transfers take to be received?

Transfer times are subject to time zones and local banking hours. 
Transfers to the US and Western Europe take up to 2 working days. 
Payments to countries outside the US and Western Europe can take up to 5 working days to be received by the beneficiary bank.

Do you make express (one-day) transfers?

Yes, we do. Pay5 must receive cleared funds between 12 PM and 2 PM depending on the required currency. Your payment will be sent automatically on the same working day to your designated beneficiary. 
Please note that some currencies may have longer settlement periods. This contract type is ideal for urgent payments, however, be aware that a service fee will apply.

Is there a limit per transaction?

Pay5 has no minimum or maximum transaction amount. However, according to regulations we monitor large or suspicious transactions and keep complete records of transactions larger than 15,000 GBP.

Do rates vary according to the transfer amount?

Yes, the fees will vary depending on the amount.

Are there any hidden charges, costs or commissions?

No. Pay5 does not add any additional charges costs or commission to your transaction. The only charge we apply is a payment fee for onward transmission of your funds.

How will you investigate transactions that did not reach their destination?

We will first request the official MT103 SWIFT payment confirmation from the bank. If we are unable to determine the cause of failure, we will start an official tracer investigation with the bank in order to locate the missing funds.

If I processed a transfer with incorrect details, can I amend it?

Yes, you can, and it may succeed in most cases. We first try to cancel the transaction. If the transaction has already been completed, we will send an amendment request to the bank. 
The amendment process must be processed by the bank, and may not always be possible. 
If the details were valid the money would have already been transferred to the given account. 
If the details were incorrect, the transaction would have failed and the money would already be on its way back to your account.

If I sent a payment by mistake, can I recall it?

Recalls will only be successful if the beneficiary agrees to the recall. If the beneficiary rejects the recall request, you cannot retrieve your money.

Can I make payments to individuals and companies?

Yes, you can process payments to individuals and businesses.

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