Pre-Paid Cards
Enjoy instant access to your account with our Prepaid Card you can pay online, spend abroad and withdraw cash anywhere - safe and simple.
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Virtual IBAN
Whatever business you are doing, smooth payments are always vital. With a Virtual IBAN it doesn’t matter if you’re working locally, in SEPA area or outside Europe.
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Multi Currency Accounts
Pay5 offers various offers in all international currencies. Our Multi-Currency banking solution negates the need to have several banking relationships.
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A reliable and secure money transfer solution

With over 20 available currencies and the ability to send and receive money instantly worldwide, why not open a business account with us to make money transfer easy and convenient.



Virtual IBANs

Create the number of virtual IBANs you like – Any transactions received via virtual IBANs are credited to your main account.


Multi Currency Accounts

Over 20 available currencies and the ability to send and receive money instantly worldwide


Pre Paid Debit Cards

Use your Visa prepaid card at millions of ATM’s worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.

Pay5 features

We Are Here To increase your Productivity.

Since the advancement of the internet and digital technology, traditional banking is dying out and we now have the convenience of virtual money management that is every bit as secure as it ever was in our physical banks.

In fact, there are a number of advantages of managing your money virtually when compared to traditional bricks and mortar banking.

Global money transfer without the heavy fees

Due to the more efficient way in which Pay5 operates, we don’t need to charge the same fees as traditional banking institutions when customers send or collect international transfers.

Hassle-free financial transactions

In the same way that the world has evolved, businesses have also evolved. Spending and the pace of life are faster and virtual banking is a consequence of our changing world.

Cash withdrawal in local currency and money management using your mobile phone is two examples of modern banking as it has moved into the virtual.

Instant money transfer

You’ll find the world a much smaller place with Pay5 as you can send and receive money across the planet as easily as locally.

Time-saving and flexible

Remember the days of queueing at the bank? Racing to get to the bank before it closed or waiting till Monday morning to come? Virtual banking means customer service 24/7, managing your account on your phone while lounging on the sofa.

No business is excluded

Traditionally, banks have always been for the more established and stable business. With the lower overheads of digital banks, they tend to be more accepting of anyone trying to get off the ground.

Money Transfer Solutions We Have On Offer

E wallet Management

By using our e-wallet you get a simplified transaction process, a secure online money transfer and ultimately...

Money Wire

We allow you to save money on international commissions by using our own bank accounts...


We offer the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), bank transfers process denominated Europe, service as follows...

Designated Account

We provide you your own IBAN under your name where you can send and receive funds...

Debit Card

We provide payment cards that allows direct electronic access to your Pay5 account. We offer both stored...

Merchants Payment Solutions

By using our online payment system your customers can make instant online payments...

Pay5 features

We Are Here To increase your Productivity.

Your prepaid card is linked to your e-wallet and available globally, with the choice of a physical or / and virtual card you can withdraw funds worldwide at hundreds of thousands of ATM locations as well as in any physical or online shop with over 20 available currencies and the ability to send and receive money instantly worldwide, why not open a business account with us?

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