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Prepaid Cards

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Prepaid cards (wallet card) is a non-nominative card issued by a bank that has a “virtual” balance of associated money but without an associated bank account.

The card has a balance and can be used for debt, in online purchases or in any physical business that supports payment with the bank that issues the card, as long as there are funds that respond to the number of purchases.

The balance of the card can usually be increased by a transfer of money from a bank to the card, which will usually have a web page for you to monitor where it has been used and the balance of the card.

Who are the prepaid cards for?

Prepaid cards are ideal for many people. It is thought that they are intended for low credit score people who have difficulty getting a standard current account. However, Prepaid cards are used for so many useful reasons that have nothing to do with credit-worthiness. They are very useful for budgeting, travel, controlling spending and many more applications.

Advantages of prepaid cards

  • No credit check required.
  • Everyone qualifies
  • In the unlikely event of theft, only your card balance is at risk. This is why many people like to use a prepaid Visa/Mastercard for online purchases in cases where they don’t have full trust in the merchant they are dealing with
  • Universally accepted in almost all the commerce of the world
  • You can withdraw money with them from most cashiers or ATMs around the world
  • Ease of management via an online account
  • If your card is lost or destroyed, your balance remains and simply transfers to your replacement card and PIN.
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